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Ihre Kommentare : klettersteig

klettersteig 2014-06-28T12:39:26+02:00
Thanks panda :)
I have spent way too long on this map, I should be doing my assignment!
I don't know how many cities there are, but still after many times playing new ones come out! I like the towns kusnacht and kussnacht....
so I bid the challengers Good night with a kiss ;)
klettersteig 2014-06-28T09:28:16+02:00
HI Challengers, hope you are enjoying this map, I wish I had some fondue while completing seems quite difficult to me, I have only visited a few of these places, an interesting challenge...
well done challengers! once again some amazing scores already!
klettersteig 2014-02-20T12:12:53+01:00
challengers are we still playing this game? I really like this map it is fun :)
klettersteig 2014-02-18T12:27:23+01:00
guten tag 'challengers' wie gehts?