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Ihre Kommentare : LeeranerJung

LeeranerJung 2018-01-14T20:14:18+01:00
Dear Challengers, this is the correct map for the MC (14 - 21 January 2018)
LeeranerJung 2017-11-06T21:50:12+01:00
Challengers, this is the right map for the MC/ Challengers, Ceci est la bonne carte pour le MC
LeeranerJung 2017-01-26T20:01:29+01:00
A personal best on my home-map. A good start for the MMM :)
LeeranerJung 2016-08-14T22:37:14+02:00
Congrats Panda ! I think I cannot top that :( well, I will go on to the Algerian map which is actually one of my favourites :) Wish you a nice week !
LeeranerJung 2016-08-14T11:23:44+02:00
finally :)
LeeranerJung 2016-08-13T23:19:33+02:00
Thank you Caramelo :) well, it's my "home map", but the missing letters are very confusing, even for me. If I could make 50k here, I would be quite happy. Panda and Dormitaine, go !!
LeeranerJung 2015-04-20T21:59:57+02:00
that's it for today, No 6 now, tomorrow going to try 109k. Good night :))
LeeranerJung 2015-04-19T21:38:40+02:00
Very well done mabulle (without my bonus of speaking German as I suppose) ... @Panda and Grumer: my biggest problem on all three maps is that some cities appear very seldom so that it's very difficult to learn them. That still prevents me from a much higher score. My goal ( I must have one otherwise I would stop here the next moment :)) is to reach the top 10 (No 15 now) Let's see and good luck to you !!
LeeranerJung 2015-04-18T12:52:12+02:00
@bluesteel: It's a very difficult map and I was about to give up yesterday .. so many cities ...but the good thing is, you don't have to know them all (I still don't) to make a good score - just need a little luck and the "right" cities :)) Don't think that I will pass you so soon cos I was really lucky on that one ...
LeeranerJung 2014-06-29T16:47:33+02:00
I think I will never hit the towns "Aadorf" and "Weinfelden" - the whole Sankt Gallen and Zürich region is very difficult, no rivers, nothing, so, I still guess them mostly - the Italian ones are rather easy, the French ones too, with some exceptions (too many ending in -y- ) and for a great score you need simply a lot of luck :)
LeeranerJung 2014-06-29T12:36:03+02:00
you are on the way for a new highscore, then city 18 is one you haven't seen for 6 hours and of course you don't know it anymore - this is one really crazy map, lol
LeeranerJung 2014-06-29T04:09:04+02:00
Okay, 4 o'clock in the morning now :) if a map makes me angry, I can't stop until I have conquered it :) 2 kms off and 1,9 sec in average at my best score: won't get much better though cos i have to think and search too much still. . . .
I wish all challengers a nice Sunday !!!
LeeranerJung 2014-06-28T00:29:50+02:00
100|#plus#|. time to go to sleep now :) and yes, this is a very difficult map !!!